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February - March 2018
2 days’ notice is required

1. Fried Lewis crab spring rolls (4). Served with sweet chilli sauce  £6.50
2. Vegetarian spring rolls (4) filled with mixed vegetables, dried tofu. Served with sweet chilli sauce (v)  £5.00
3. Spicy salad with king prawn, mixed vegetables, home-made herb sauce, toasted peanuts and fresh mint. Served with Vietnamese prawn crackers  £6.80
4. Grilled chicken wings marinated in oriental spices, sauces and honey  £5.50
5. Grilled pork ribs marinated in peppercorn, coconut, honey, soy and oyster sauce  £5.95
6. Vegetarian salad with mixed vegetables, home-made salad sauce topped with toasted peanuts and mint (v)  £3.95
7. 🍜 PHO - Vietnamese signature dish with sliced tender beef, rice noodles, spring onion, crispy shallots and Vietnamese chilli sauce in 10-hour, slow cooked aromatic broth -> will be served in 24oz hot food container  £7.95
8. Stir-fried Lewis squid with mixed vegetables in our home-made sweet and sour sauce  £9.00
9. Stir-fried Lewis squid with rice noodles, mixed vegetables and peanut herb sauce, topped with crispy shallots, fresh mint and lemon  £10.95
10. Stir-fried golden noodles with sliced beef topside and mixed vegetables in Kikkoman soy oyster sauce  £7.95
11. Tender and juicy pork belly along with free-range eggs coated with a golden caramel sauce  £6.95
12. Stir-fried golden noodles with sliced chicken and mixed vegetables in Kikkoman soy oyster sauce  £7.00
13. Beef curry with beef and vegetables cooked in home-made curry sauce and topped with fresh coriander (Med)   £8.50
14. Vegetarian curry with vegetables cooked in home-made curry sauce and topped with fresh coriander (Med)  (v)   £8.50

15. Chicken curry with chicken marinated, cooked in home-made curry sauce and topped with fresh coriander (Med)   £8.50
16. Vegetarian golden noodles stir fry with mixed vegetables and Kikkoman soy oyster sauce (v)  £6.50

17. Steamed fragrant rice  £1.80
18. Noodles (chicken flavour)  £1.50
19. Free-range egg fried rice  £2.75
20. Onion fried rice  £2.00
21. Vegetable fried rice  £2.50 ​​

January - December 2018
6 days’ notice is required
1. Fried chicken Stornoway black pudding spring rolls, served with sweet chilli sauce   £1.40 each roll 
2. Fried vegetarian spring rolls, served with sweet chilli sauce   £1.25 each roll 
3. Fried Lewis crab spring rolls, served with sweet chilli sauce   £1.60 each roll 
4. Fried Lewis squid spring rolls, served with chilli mayonnaise sauce   £1.60 each roll 
5. Spicy salad with king prawn, mixed vegetables, home-made salad sauce, peanuts and mint. Served with Vietnamese prawn crackers (when serving, place salad onto each prawn cracker)   £8.00 for 2 persons 
6. Grilled chicken wings (6) marinated in oriental spices and sauces   £5.50
7. Grilled pork ribs (7) marinated in spicy peppercorn sauce   £5.95 
8. Grilled beef skewers with beef, onion and peppers marinated in lemongrass and sesame seeds    £1.60 each skewer 
9. Fried Vietnamese pork dumplings with chilli mayonnaise coriander sauce    50p each dumpling 
10. Sliced Vietnamese-style turkey sausage with cucumber, pickled carrot, spring onion, coriander and chilli sauce in a Scotch morning roll    £3.50 each roll      


January - December 2018

For classic cupcakes: 2 days’ notice
For themed cupcakes: 6 days’ notice
Minimum order: 6 cupcakes per flavour

🍥 Classic Cupcakes                   Box of 6 cupcakes @ £9
- Carrot mixed nuts sponge topped with our famous cream cheese icing and finished with chopped nuts. 
- Double chocolate sponge topped with milk chocolate ganache icing and a piece of Galaxy chocolate.
- Red velvet sponge topped with our smooth cream cheese icing, sprinkled with red velvet cake crumb.
- Vanilla sponge topped with white chocolate ganache icing, covered in desiccated coconut.
- Vanilla sponge filled with lemon curd, topped with lemon buttercream and orange zest.                      
- Banana chocolate sponge topped with smooth mascarpone icing and fresh banana smothered in caramel.

🍥 Themed Cupcakes                Box of 6 cupcakes @ £10
We offer a selection of different themes, including cupcakes for Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, retirement, hen party, workshop,...etc...
For themed cupcakes, the flavours are the same as our classic cupcakes but toppers can be:
- Edible images
- Our hand-made buttercream flowers
- Our home-made chocolates 
Please note we don’t offer sugar paste/fondant cupcake toppers.​


​​* All of our dishes are produced on the premises using fresh, locally sourced products where possible. 
* Prices and seafood availability can change according to season and weather...
* Some dishes contain fish sauce, egg, shrimp, nuts, mustard, gluten and dairy ingredients. Please ask when ordering if you have any special dietary requirements.
* To place an order, please PM us on Facebook or text/call 07942971368.
* Please note that all orders can only be collected from Bosta 12 Knock Point, HS2 0BW (Directions from Stornoway town to Point: After passing the Braighe, take the next right after Buth an Rubha and Cafe Roo. Follow the road until you see the house on the left with the balcony and stone walls, just before the Knock-Swordale junction).
* A full payment is required when picking up items. Payment by cash, or cheque or by bank transfer to our account is available. We do not as yet accept cards. 
Thank you